Web of Conferences Editorial Guidelines – click to download!

Aim of the three publication levels

  1. Preliminary papers (or extended abstracts) will be collected before the conference, and made available for all conference participants on a USB stick.

  2. The value of the Conference Proceedings is chiefly accrued by the immediate and timely release of the information, still including a quality review of all manuscripts. Full papers (4-8p.) as well as Extended Abstracts (2-3p.) are eligible for publication in the Conference Proceedings. The Conference Proceedings will be officially published through EPJ Web of Conferences, with a specific ISBN number.

  3. Like at previous ANIMMA conference editions, a special IEEE TNS issue will be devoted to ANIMMA 2019, for which extended conference contributions of longer lasting value can be submitted. Only papers that contain sufficient additional information compared to contributions to the conference proceedings can be considered for publication in IEEE TNS. The content of the articles for TNS/TPS publication must meet the level of scrutiny by scientific review, and publication is not guaranteed for the TNS submission.

The Conference Proceedings and TNS/TPS are two separate publications. Submission to one does not imply submission to the other.
More detailed information about IEEE publications can be found of the site
For any question, please contact by email

Summary of requirements of the Conference Proceedings and TNS/TPS publications:

 Conference ProceedingsTNS / TPS publications
Page layoutSame as TNS, but without running headers and footersStandard IEEE Transactions and Journal format
Copyright transferRequired (upon submission)Required, electronic submission
DeadlineJuly 15, 2019October 1st,2019 (TNS)
Others: None
Peer reviewedNoYes
Color figuresFree and encouragedAt author's expense for printed version, free for online version
Page Limit88 (suggested)
AvailabilityDownloadable online before the end of 2019 for all attendeesPublished throughout the year
Submission SiteSubmission via your ANIMMA2019 profile page

1. Conference memory stick

All papers available by May 15, 2019, even if not finalized or in a draft form will be collected to be available on the USB key distributed in the material for participants, the first day of the conference. For contributions without timely submitted paper, the abstract will be included on the USB key.

Please format your paper following the same template as for the Conference Proceedings (see and submit it via your ANIMMA2019 profile page (button ‘edit my proceedings’).

As an alternative for papers, authors can submit extended abstracts (up to 3 pages) via their ANIMMA2019 profile page to be included on the USB key.

2. Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings is the official repository for manuscripts presented at the 2019 ANIMMA Conference. The Conference Proceedings will be officially published through EPJ Web of Conferences, with a specific ISBN number. A link will be provided on the ANIMMA website immediately after publication  The preferred format is Microsoft Word.

The length limit is eight (8) pages.

Submittal Procedure

In order to ensure a timely release of the Conference Proceedings, please follow this procedure.

Step 1: Download a template and write your manuscript

  • Go to the IEEE Article Templates and Instructions page.

  • Download one of the templates under “Templates for Transactions” (Microsoft Word or LaTex). There is also an example in PDF that shows how a properly formatted PDF should look, in case you are using other word processors. The template itself contains instructions and hints on how to produce your paper. Please read it carefully.

  • Prepare your manuscript using the template.

Step 2: upload your manuscript via your ANIMMA2019 profile page

The deadline for the Conference Proceedings manuscript submission is July 15, 2019.

Only the papers that meet the following requirements will be included in the CR:

  1. Paper (oral or poster) has been presented at the conference;

  2. Manuscript conforms to the page layout requirements specified in the online templates;


No new submission is needed if you have uploaded your paper already for the conference memory stick (see above) and if from your side no modification is needed (provided your paper was prepared according to the template).  However, you can upload a modified version of your paper until July 15, 2019.


The Transactions on Nuclear Science (TNS) is a premier peer-reviewed journal with a significant distribution within the nuclear science and medical imaging communities. TNS is not the conference record, and only those papers that pass the review process and are in the fields of interest to TNS will be published in a special issue of TNS devoted to ANIMMA2019.

Papers presented at the conference that contain important information of lasting value may be submitted for review and publication in the TNS. Prospective authors should consult the TNS page for a description of the publication and manuscript preparation requirements. TNS discourages the submission of progress reports and manuscripts that are more suitable for distribution as an institution’s internal document. We expect each manuscript to be cast in the context of the state of the art of its field (including appropriate motivation for the work), present a complete description of the work performed, and to present a set of conclusions supported by the measured and/or calculated data. The paper should be sufficiently complete that others with comparable equipment could repeat the work.  

Authors submitting to TNS should expect to be solicited to serve as reviewers of other papers. Please accept as many solicitations as you are able to handle and remember to return your reviews in a timely fashion. TNS requires at least two reviewers for each paper and the speed of the review process ultimately depends on your cooperation. TNS relies on this most important professional service you, the authors, provide to the community.  

TNS is published throughout the year, and you can submit your manuscript to TNS at any time. For instructions on TNS manuscript submissions, please visit the IEEE’s on-line peer review system ScholarOne ManuscriptsTM. TNS suggests that authors limit their papers to 8 pages, but that limit is quite flexible and exceptions can be made. When submitting a paper to TNS at the ScholarOne Manuscripts web site, please indicate the “Type” to be “ANIMMA”. This will ensure that the paper is routed to the appropriate senior editor and helps us aggregate the ANIMMA conference papers.

The deadline for submitting manuscripts for the special ANIMMA2019 issue of IEEE TNS is October 1st, 2019.  Authors of Plasma related papers may alternatively choose to submit their manuscripts to the IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science through ScholarOne ManuscriptsTM.

For further information regarding the IEEE Transactions on Plasma Sciences, contact:

Please note that TNS will no longer be accepting medically related manuscripts given the creation of the new IEEE Transactions in Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences (TRPMS). Authors are strongly encouraged to submit any medically related radiation based work presented during ANIMMA to TRPMS.

The objective of this journal is to create a unique publication related to the application of radiation sciences within the medical field. The scope of the IEEE TRPMS encompasses technology and application areas related to radiation and plasma based medical sciences. These areas include radiation detectors for medical and biological applications; imaging system design/ optimization/performance; therapy-related system design/optimization/ performance; radiation-application-based image reconstruction, data analysis and image processing; medical radiation therapy applications; clinical/preclinical evaluation of imaging and therapy systems, plasma applications in medicine and biology; and simulations for imaging and therapy applications. Educational material such as technical/clinical review papers covering the above subjects of interest is also included.

Since the intention is to have TRPMS indexed by PubMed as soon as possible, it will also provide much wider exposure within the medical community.  

For instructions on paper submissions please visit the TRPMS manuscript central submission website at

When submitting your manuscripts please select the “ANIMMA 2019” manuscript type in order to identify the submitted paper with the ANIMMA 2019 conference.  

The deadline for the submission of full papers for peer-review is the 1st of October 2019.