Posters and intensive oral presentations

All posters will be displayed during the full conference. On Tuesday and Thursday, sessions are devoted from 16:20 to 18:00 for discussion in front of the posters. To valorise these poster sessions even more, the organizers have planned to start the poster sessions with a set of intensive-oral sessions dedicated to the promotion of the posters, i.e. a sort of appetizer to attract the audience to visit your poster.

This means that you are requested to deliver a short oral presentation in the designated seminar room in a very compact format: 5 minutes. Please provide the organizers with a set of 3 slides, one of them being a picture of your poster, and the other two indicating what is new in the relevant context. After the oral session, discussions will continue in front of the posters located in the poster area.

You will thus be invited to present your paper at one of these intensive oral sessions.

Therefore, poster contributors are requested to provide us with a PDF or PowerPoint file of maximum 3 slides.