Conference overview

The 6th International conference on Advancements in Nuclear Instrumentation Measurement Methods and their Applications brought together 294 participants from 32 countries and international organizations.

Highlights of the conference:

  • 2 keynote presentations
  • 3 plenary presentations
  • 20 invited presentations
  • 125 oral presentations
  • 77 posters


  • Short courses
  • 4 Workshops
  • Industrial exhibition with 10 participating companies

In line with ANIMMA tradition, the Young authors and Best poster contests were organized.

The young author awards were given to:

  • Tanja GORIČANEC for the paper “Predicting Ex-core Detector Response in a PWR with Monte Carlo Neutron Transport Methods”, co-authored by Domen Kotnik , Žiga Štancar, Luka Snoj and Marjan Kromar

  • Fanny VITULLO for the paper “Developing and testing a miniature fiber-coupled scintillator for in-core neutron counting in CROCUS”, co-authored by Vincent Lamirand , Jean-Baptiste Mosset, Pavel Frajtag, Oskari Pakari , Gregory Perret and Andreas Pautz


The best poster awards were given to posters entitled:

  • “In-Core Power Monitoring using SiC Detector for Fast Response” by Junesic Park, Se Hwan Park, Jaebum Son and Yong Kyun Kim;

  • “Fast neutron Time-of-Flight imaging in 3-D space using a multi-element scintillator detector system” by V. Astromskas, Steve Bradnam, Lee Packer, Mark Gilbert, Michael Aspinall and Malcolm Joyce

  • “Determination of the delivered dose for a moving patient during proton therapy” by G. Razdevšek, A. Studen, U. Simončič and L. Snoj

Welcome to ANIMMA 2019


Nuclear instrumentation and measurement methods in nuclear environments are key aspects that contribute to the quality of scientific programmes in the fields of physics, energy, the fuel cycle and waste management. Furthermore, measurements relying on nuclear physics now play an important role in various fields of application such as biology, medicine and the environment.

The ANIMMA 2019 is the sixth of a series of conferences devoted to endorsing and promoting scientific and technical activities based on nuclear instrumentation and measurements. The main objective of ANIMMA conference is to unite the various scientific communities not only involved in nuclear instrumentation and measurements, but also in nuclear medicine and radiation. The conference is all about getting scientists, engineers and the industry to meet, exchange cultures and identify new scientific and technical prospects to help overcome both current and future unresolved issues. The ANIMMA conference provides scientists and engineers with a real opportunity to compare their latest research and development in different areas: physics, nuclear energy, nuclear fuel cycle, safety, security, future energies (GEN III+, GEN-IV, ITER, …), environment, medicine…

The sixth edition of ANIMMA conference will take place 17-21 June 2019 in Grand Hotel Bernardin, Portorož, Slovenia.

The ANIMMA 2019 conference topics include nuclear instrumentation and measurement methods for:

    • Fundamental physics

    • Fusion diagnostics and technology

    • Nuclear power reactors monitoring and control

    • Research reactors

    • Nuclear fuel cycle

    • Decommissioning, dismantling and remote handling

    • Safeguards, homeland security

    • Severe accident monitoring

    • Environmental and medical sciences

    • Education, training and outreach

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ANIMMA 2019 Poster

ANIMMA 2019 Poster

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ANIMMA 2019 Flyer

ANIMMA 2019 Flyer

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