Slam session


During the ANIMMA 2019 Conference in Portorož, a SLAM session will be organized on Wednesday 19th June afternoon in the form of a competition. The objective of this event is to give students and young scientists (under 35 years) the opportunity to compete by attracting the attention and interest of a large audience on their doctoral studies in the field of advanced nuclear instrumentation. In this competition, each participant will be given a maximum of 3 minutes time for an oral presentation accompanied with slides.


The session is not aimed at presenting the contents of regular presentation. For each participant to the SLAM session, it is rather aimed at explaining the importance of the subject of his/her work from the scientific, economic and societal points of view, the challenges, the expectations, the novelty, the main outcomes, etc. in an understandable, attractive and lively way.


The jury is composed of all people attending the presentations, with the exception of those engaged in the competition. Therefore, each ANIMMA Conference participant entering the room before the beginning of the competition will receive a voting form listing the competing participants and the titles of their presentations. Access to the auditorium will not be allowed during the competition in order to avoid disturbances during the session and incomplete votes.

At the end of the presentations, the organizers will collect the forms and the votes will be counted.


Before the SLAM session:

The participants willing to compete should apply by filling the form bellow before May 17th 2019.

The subject has to be linked to ANIMMA topics and the number of competitors is limited to 20. The selection will be based on the attractiveness of the abstract.

The list of the selected competitors will be published on the web page by 1st June 2019.

A meeting of all competitors with the SLAM session chair will take place during lunch on the day of the SLAM event.

During the SLAM session:

The SLAM session chair will introduce the session explaining the objectives, the rules and the way to fill the voting forms. Then he will introduce each competitor, give him/her the floor for 180 seconds and start the chronometer. The competitors will be interrupted at the end of their speaking time. No question from the audience will be allowed.

At the end of the presentations, the presenter will conclude, and invite the audience to fill the voting form, repeating the voting rules: filling the voting form means ranking the competitors without equally ranked: 1 for the best, 2 for the second best, etc. Forms containing equally ranked votes and incomplete forms will not be taken into consideration.

After the SLAM session:

The organizers will collect the filled voting files, eliminate the incorrect forms and count the votes. During this process, the audience will be invited to visit the posters. After the interruption, the results of the votes will be announced by the presenter. Only the 5 best will be announced. The chairperson will deliver the award and a certificate to the ranked first participant.